2013 RS Guitarworks Slabelectro Semihollow Electric Guitar

Apparently, RS Guitarworks only made a few of these. It's too bad, though, because it's a killer guitar -- it has the centerblock-and-sides, hollow-chamber Danelectro-style build mated to a Tele aesthetic and feel. They even copied the 25" scale of the old Danos and fit both an aluminum nut and aluminum saddles.

This was a "stop-in" adjustment for its owner. The neck was not fit on-center so we tweaked the neck pocket a bit and then were able to set it up to play on-the-dot. The Curtis Novak pickups are not quite vintage Dano in tone but they're vintage Dano in spirit and a lot closer than mass-market Dano-style pickups are.

Bonus points are allotted for the masonite pickguard, top, and back, and metal-flake mixed into the red/blackburst finish. The bridge is quality stuff as well. Good job, fellas! I like the headstock shape, too.


Reese said…
Smart-O. I like this.
vanelectrode said…
Owner here, so glad you could this up for me, it's playing like a dream with neck shimmed into the right spot. I do want to note I swapped out the switch tip for a knurled aluminum one that really ties the Tele-meets-Danelectro aesthetic, stock was a black plastic. I think RS really knocked it out of the park with this hybrid, and now it's playing as Leo Fender and Nat Daniel would have wanted! All that's left is for me to wire that push-pull pot on the tone knob to switch between series and parallel...

Here are some additional notes on the guitar from the spec sheet in the case:
Body Wood: Pine/Masonite
Neck wood: Maple with rosewood fretboard
Neck shape: Fat C
Fret size: 6125
Radius: 16"