2018 Reverend Pete Anderson Eastsider S Baritone Electric Guitar

If I have some spare minutes I'll snag a video for this as it's a pretty fun guitar.

I've known this instrument for a few years now as it's a stage companion for a customer of mine. He's a bit rough and ready with his gear and so every time it winds-up back here it's got setup quirks to work through.

What would you call this? A Telecaster with two Strat pickups and a non-bridge plate Tele bridge pickup... and a Strat whammy? It's quite '60s surf-sounding, to be honest, once you get the country looks out of your head. It's got some great low twang that sounds perfect with oodles of spring reverb.

What I've found about a lot of Reverends is that they just feel good. They're often lighter-weight than you'd expect and the necks have a retro cut to them that feels more "home" than the average modern neck. They've got a bit of thinking going-on behind them rather than just parts-bolting with a "signature look."

I also enjoy the 6-bolt neck plates. Why not?