Workshop: 1960s Winston Electric Banjo Chop-Shop Mod

Mr. Banjo Dave was having trouble with his Kawai/Teisco/Winston 6-string electric banjo-guitar-thingie so I swapped-in some donor mini-humbuckers, rewired it, shielded it, modded the bridge a bit, and fit an adjustable "string mute" with a foam pad that would allow for a damped, banjo-esque, uke-esque tone when plugged in.

Check out the above clip to hear it! I think it's a vast improvement for him and it won't be nearly as fussy when he's on stage anymore. The original (very microphonic) Teisco pickups can be a pain in the b utt.


CM said…
Now that takes me back. My first electric guitar in '69 was a Teisco single pick-up Tulip with that pickup. My dad had converted an old 1940s intercom system into a guitar amplifier for me and the enormous gain brought out the most irritating microphonics in that guitar pickup. But my mom had bought the guitar for $22.95 at the local Thrifty Drug Store and I bought a Creedence song book and away I went. By that summer i had moved up to a Magnatone MP-3 and a Fender Mustang.