2010s Ibanez Soundgear SRX-590 Electric Bass Guitar

I've been trying to snap pics of things just passing-through for setup and this one was in a few weeks ago.

Soundgear basses (this one is Indonesia-made) are all over the place up here in Vermont so I see them pretty regularly for adjustments. This one is the only one with cool pearloid binding that I've seen, though, so I figured it was worth a few shots!

Soundwise... it's active with Music-Man-ish pickups... so full and wide and articulate and blah-blah-blah. It's a bit like a "Super-J-Bass" sound. The neck is like any other import modern type -- wider radius board, thin front to back, C-shaped profile. It's a bit like playing an '80s Peavey neck with a bit wider nut.

Still... even if it sounds good, I will not relinquish my bias against instruments that need batteries in them. Sorry! No! Nope! Not for me. I'm too lazy.

Want to hear a similar bass? Check out this other Soundgear I sold last year.