1890s Unmarked (A.W. White) High Quality German-made 4/4 Violin

This fiddle in unmarked buy probably German in origin and from around 1890 or so. It's a high-quality instrument that's fell on hard times and when I got it from a friend of mine it had gobs of glue everywhere and was filthy. My friend Ed recently bought a different instrument but I had just finished this one and so I said, "hold up!" and upgraded him to this fiddle instead.

There's an "A.W. White" (of Tremont Street, Boston) label in the f-hole from the firm that graduated the top, but they're definitely not the actual builder. Whoever did build it, though, used tightly-grained wood throughout -- a nice spruce top and a one-piece, highly-figured back. The fittings are ebony and I replaced a missing bridge with an old one from my parts-bins and a sub-bar chinrest with a modern, full-size one. I also stuck a set of 4:1 geared pegs (Perfection Pegs) at the headstock so I could do-away both with tuning fuss and also fine tuners, though I'm going to stash a few fine tuners in the case just "in case."

I took a few too many photos but the gist of it is that this is a lovely instrument with a clean, loud, clear voice with some velvet and warmth in it, too.


Ed Gilkison said…
Excellent! Thanks Jake ! Perfect instrument for me - a little old, & ruff around the edges - just like me !