1960s Lyon & Healy (Bruko) Baritone Ukulele

This solid-mahogany, lightly-built, good-looking baritone uke bears "Lyon & Healy" at the headstock but it was actually made by Bruko in Germany. It was in for a neck reset, fret work, and crack repairs and wound-up receiving that as well as some bridge alteration to get intonation correct.

If you see one of these out in the wild, they're definitely worth investing in for a little cash. They're kind-of hard to find and do need some tweaking to get them to play their best, but once that's done, you're rewarded with a great-sounding, ukulele-sounding, bari uke.

I set this one up with all-plain strings (D'Addario EJ99TLG low G tenor set = DGBE all plain bari) to accentuate that "uke-ness."

Note that this particular uke has a Spanish heel design so the neck reset would be a little complicated for someone not used to this sort of repair.