1964 Gibson J-50 Slope Dreadnought Guitar

This J-50 was just in for some minor work but it definitely had some work done on it in the past by the looks of it -- a saddle-slot fill and "fixed" bone saddle install, replacement frets, and (when it arrived) a replacement pickguard. The owner was chasing a rattle in the guitar and the last guy who worked on it suggested a new pickguard (a good idea as sometimes they do rattle on the oldies, but that wasn't the problem).

The rattle wound-up being a mix of the old adjustable bridge-post studs loosening up (easily tightened through the soundhole) and a loose back brace. That done, my other work was just to reinstall the original pickguard and give it a quick setup. Yip! After that it was dialed-in.

So -- what else can I say? It sounds great -- like a big, old, woody, fat-bottomed Gibson should -- the perfect supplement to a singer/songwriter of the old school folksy, countrified vibes.

Being a '64, this has the wider (1 11/16") nut width and a mild-medium neck thickness. It's pretty close to those old "perfect" Gibson necks of the late '50s.