1976 Guild G-312 12-String Dreadnought Guitar

This rosewood-backed, gorgeous-looking old Guild is clearly a take on a Martin D12-28 from the same era. It does equate but also adds the double truss rod reinforcement of the Guild neck design as well.

This one was in for a bridge reglue, fret level/dress, and setup work which also included full compensation for each string at the saddle. It left the shop playing like a champ and with my usual, strummer's friend string gauges -- something like 22w/46w, 15/36w, 11/26w, 8/20w, 13/13, 9/9.

There's not much else to say aside from a lament for not snagging a video of this. It's a dread-sized, x-braced, big old guitar with an ebony board and bridge and just the right amount of extra bling.