2000s Traveler Escape EG-1 Electric Guitar

This compact little guy is a travel electric guitar with a full scale and headless construction combined with a baritone-ukulele-sized body to keep it tiny. It has an onboard preamp so you can plug headphones in and listen to it "clean" or "distorted." Suffice to say, because there's no amp sim combined with this, it basically sounds like an electric guitar plugged direct into a PA and then the same with a distortion pedal flipped on. So -- good enough to jam out to a bit but not wonderful.

It also plugs-in as normal (passive) to any amp, headphones amp, or whatever you like and in that case it sounds pretty decent and exactly as it looks like -- a Fender-scale electric with a big old bucker in the bridge position. Rock-rock-rock! As an extra, the "distortion" switch will also flip-on like a pedal when plugged into an external amp if you want to get a bit of fizz in your sound.

My work was just to restring it and give it a setup. It's essentially as new except for a tiny chip to the finish next to the tuner housing on the rear. It's hard to spot.

Repairs included: setup.

Body wood: unknown wood

Bridge: wide ABR-style w/rollers

Fretboard: rosewood

Neck wood: maple

Pickups: 1x humbucker

Action height at 12th fret: 1/16" overall (fast)
String gauges: 46w-10

Neck shape: slim-medium C

Board radius: 14"

Truss rod: adjustable

Neck relief: straight

Fret style: medium-jumbo

Scale length: 25 1/2"

Nut width: 1 5/8"

Body width: 10 3/8"

Body depth: 1 5/8"

Weight: 4 lbs 11 oz

Condition notes: it's basically as-new with only minor wear and one little chip to the finish on the back housing near the tuners.

It comes with: its original gigbag.