1960s/2020s Danelectro/Partscaster 5-String Electric Guitar

Oh, noooo, what happened to the 5-string chesscaster? Yes, I stole its '60s Danelectro neck. It will wind-up as some sort of tenor or plectrum instrument, methinks, because the cheap ply of the body likes to move around just a bit too much with guitar-style tension.

In the meantime, my friend Reese had gifted me this baby blue Strat body and I had the pickguard hanging around and a set of Alnico lipstick pickups on the way, so... why not? Fun extras are repurposing a Mustang bridge/baseplate for the job, a 3-way switch (neck/both/bridge) and on/off switch (to add the middle pickup) plus master volume and tone, and... Decoboom! We love you, Decoboom.

I'm happy with this iteration of this beast. It calls me to play it more than the last. Onward.


Oscar Stern said…
It can even be tuned in fifths (CGDAE) so that Orchestral players can have something to strum on