1980s Hyundai Short-Scale Electric Bass Guitar

This, folks, is a terrible bass. The neck is backbowed like crazy (at rest) and the neck pocket and construction are, generally, a bit questionable. Fixed-up, however, it does sound pretty decent with its P-style pickups fit in there. It's hard to go wrong with Mustang scale and split pickups when thinking tonewise.

My friend Sam donated this and a few other junkers "to the cause" and...

...they're helping Mr. Ancel get his feet wet in guitar repair. He picked this one out of the pile and converted it to lefty so he can give it to a friend of his when it's completely finished.

He did all of the work necessary so far and it's now playing alright, but because of the neck backbow we have it tuned up to G over E (like 3rd fret capo) to keep the neck straight and so heavier string gauges are due to make it truly work as it should.

The original knobs were falling-off so we couldn't help but stick some blue Peavey ones on. A half a minute later and Sharpie supplied the finishing touch (and giggles).