Jumble Sale: Another Pedal Party

Over the last few weeks several customers have brought various effects pedals in for me to sell. First-up is this near-new Boss Waza Craft BD-2W Blues Driver. This is a "retro-futuristic" version of the Blues Driver, made in Japan, extra-high-quality, and with a sound that's immediate and familiar but with a palette you can dial-in a bit more than earlier versions. It sounds excellent and comes with its box.

I've tested all of these pedals, by the way, and they're all in good order. I will have them listed in the shop soonish -- but please get in touch on phone or text or email if there's one you want right away!

Next is a POG2 which gives you a wide arrange of octave up/down options as well as a 3-slider "effects" section. The "attack" control is superb if you want to get almost pad-like or "following" octave swells, the LP filter lets you notch-in your voice to cut in a mix, and the "detune" slider allows for nice accordion/organ sort-of sounds when you remove the dry output from the mix. Huge bonus points go to the fact that you can save 8 preset arrangements.

And, yes, it also has its box. It's in very-lightly-used condition.

Now we have a Strymon El Capistan. It mimics various vintage tape echo effects and you can get all sorts of gorgeous, surreal, analog-sounding things from this unit. This one has been played a bit more than the rest and shows small scratches in its finish and comes with no box. It's ready to go, though.

Next! ...is this Arc Effects Klone V2 -- a Klon Centaur copycat with the addition of a "bass boost" switch to fatten-up your mids. Yup, it sounds like the thing and handles like it, too. No box, here, but it's in good order and very clean.

This Discumbobulator is an envelope filter/auto-wah made in Denmark by Emma. It's used by some big names and, once you get used to the controls, you can get your preferred swahka-swahka tone dialed-in and funky... it's very clean and has its original box.

Last, and already sold, is my semi-faithful Catalinbread Giygas. I just don't use fuzz enough to always keep one around, but when I was using it (as in: on the whole Fire Handlers of Mercury recording) I loved this little box. It's got a huge amount of tone-shaping available straight from chunky, girthy Sabbath growling, airplaine-engine sounds and right into light crunch/drive and "modern" fizz-tastic, sssssssashhhh-sounding waves of sound.