1940s Regal Junior Jumbo 000-Size Guitar (Take 2)

This is actually just a "fun update" for this guitar (click here to see the original post). Since it was purchased last, it had been played like mad and came back in the shop sometime last year for work to get it up to snuff again. The fretboard had gone black from finger-grunge, the frets were chewed, and it had a lot more wear and tear from lots of love than it had before.

It also had developed a mild warp/twist in the neck that needed to be addressed and it sat here for a long time awaiting the work. I felt so bad for the owner, but my schedule is so ridiculously limited that it just had to be that way -- but, considering it had gone a bit sour over a year's time, I did the work on the house.

Anyhow, it's now back to in good shape after a board plane and refret. I used jumbo stock in the main portion of the neck and the large tangs of the fretstock helped make the neck more rigid. I used slightly-smaller stock in the fretboard extension so that if the top swells in summer an d the extension "ramps up" at all, it won't fret-out in that area.

As you might expect, the new, heavier-mass frets make a world of difference in how the guitar sounds. It's bigger-sounding and fuller.