1960s Silvertone 1465 Solid State 150 Amp Head

This is a super-loud, 150w, solid state amplifier head from the late '60s. Silvertone was the Sears brand and this was higher-up in their solid state food chain for the time. It has onboard reverb and tremolo and two channels.

I three-pronged the power and disabled the accessory outlet on the back and also got the reverb working again (it wasn't working when it arrived). Everything looks good inside and it works as it should but it's noisy. I'm expecting it needs a cap job to bring it up to snuff as the old electrolytics haven't been touched since it was made. Other than what I did, it's unmodified.

So -- this guy is an as-is piece of equipment -- a "fun project" that works but could be better.