1980s Hondo Mini Electric Guitar

Is it '80s? Is it '90s? It's probably Korean-made, right? Who cares!? It's gold, little, has a ridiculously-powerful pickup, and it's cute. It's also gold! 

My friend Rick can't stop hunting and when he turned-up with this and a $10 Framus his lady Heather had found in tow, I was starting to worry a bit.

Fortunately, after a fresh wiring harness (500k pots, Switchcraft jack, Orange Drop 22 cap), fret level/dress, and setup, this little guitar is actually quite fun. Without the level/dress job, though, it would have been unplayable -- they were set-in so poorly they looked a bit like old railroad ties.

I tuned it up to GCFBbDG -- like a capo on the 3rd fret of a normal guitar -- so that its oddness would become useful.