1987 Kit-Built Strat-Style Electric Guitar

A friend of the owner of this guitar whipped it up as a partscaster in '87 (all the hardware, the neck, etc. are dated to '87). It lived a rough, lusty life for a while and then was hidden-away in a closet for decades. It was gross when it arrived here and, apparently, the owner had cleaned it all up a bunch before bringing it.

It needed a bit of wiring work (new pots, cap, and jacks) as the old stuff had frozen-up dead, but after that the setup and adjustments were easy-peasy and, post-work, it plays and handles like "the real deal." I'd take this oddball out for a drive any day -- it's friendly.

It has a set of DiMarzio pickups, as I recall. I originally thought the neck was an Allparts job, but now that I think of it, the A logo on it looked like the Anderson logo. I'm not sure about the body's origin, but it sure looks great.