1999 Larrivee D-02 Dreadnought Guitar

This customer's D-02 is the Larrivee take on an entry-level (for an American-make) D-18 equivalent. I've handled a ton of these up here from this era and they can take a heck of a lot of abuse and keep on ticking. Almost all of the ones I've seen have lived rough, fun lives and despite whatever wear and tear they've accumulated, don't need much work to get them back into ready players. That says a lot for their design ethos, I think, as my local repair jobs are riddled with all sorts of rather-new guitars that are playing funky and falling apart in various ways.

Anyhow, my guy Ancel did a fret level/dress and setup on this guy and I helped him get a funky pickup jack install sorted a bit.

Yep, it's decently-loud. Yep, it sounds nice. Yep, the neck is fast. I think of these as a slightly-more-traditional Taylor alternative.