2020s Fender Limited Edition Super Champ X2 15w Tube Amp

This guy's an as-new Super Champ X2 -- in a version that was limited to a run of 300. It's got the blonde and wheat grill look and a Celestion G10 speaker under the hood.

While I didn't do a demo (there are a ton of demos of these online), I did kick the tires on this for about 40 minutes. I was comparing it to the other two Fenders in the shop (an old '70s Champ and a recent Blues Junior) and I was pretty impressed. The sound is classic Fender in the clean channel -- warm and full and nearly as "wide" sounding as a bigger Fender amp. It's got a nice, lower-end fullness -- maybe a little tweedy-ness to its sound -- that I like a lot.

The channel select is nice for clean/gain or clean/lead switching and the "voice" knob gives you access to a ton of different amp sounds. I like "4" and "5" best (I wasn't looking at the manual but using my ears) which isn't surprising as "4" is a Bassman voicing and "5" is a Princeton voicing -- both old Fender amps I  enjoy -- and when pushed into breakup they get that "radial airplane engine" sound that I like so much. The other voices are all useful, too -- it's like having a multi-EQ pedal built right into the amp so you can change your sound on the fly -- say if you were using two guitars and wanted to have a different voice to suit a different pickup type without having to mess with the tone knobs.

Anyhow, it's near-mint, has a cover, power cable, two patch cables, and a wrong-type Fender channel footswitch. It's not working with it the way it should be.