2010s Manuel Rodriguez FF Flamenco Guitar

This beaut is a higher-end flamenco model classical guitar for the Spanish-made brand, featuring solid spruce over solid cypress in the body, lightweight fan bracing, and classic looks and handling. It's in good shape and mildly-used with a little finish clearcoat wear along the edges of the fretboard and only the tiniest usewear in the body. I'm not sure if the clear pickguard is original but it definitely helps the top to resist the wear of heavy-handed, nails-on, flamenco-style strumming.

It does have "that flamenco tone" which has a bit more of a snap and crisp edge to it when dug-into than a fatter, darker-sounding traditional classical voice. It's a little more balanced for "folk playing," essentially.

Repairs included: a fret level/dress and setup.

Top wood: solid spruce

Back & sides wood: solid cypress

Bracing type: fan

Bridge: rosewood

Fretboard: ebony

Neck wood: Spanish cedar

Action height at 12th fret:
3/32" overall (fast)
String gauges: medium tension nylon

Neck shape: medium C/D

Board radius: flat

Neck relief: straight

Fret style: medium-wider

Scale length: 25 1/2"

Nut width: 2 1/8"

Body width: 14 1/2"

Body depth: 3 5/8"

Weight: 3 lbs 11 oz

Condition notes: it's quite clean with only minor usewear via light scratching on the body and some finish chipping along the edges of the fretboard. The fretboard extension had ramped up as the instrument settled-in, however, so I had to lower the frets over the body a bit during the level/dress to get them in plane with the rest of the board. Functionally, this does not affect playability at all. I also had to shave the front edge of the bridge a little to be able to bring the saddle height down a bit to get the action spot-on.

It comes with: a good hard case.