2021 National El Trovador Woodbody Resonator Guitar

This guy is an as-new modern El Trovador and they got the recipe from the original '30s variety so very much right and then improved upon it immeasurably through better materials and engineering. This is an excellently-built guitar with all sorts of extra trim details and a solid, woody, big tone. It even features the same extra-long scale length found in the original Kay-made El Trovadors, giving it a set-apart feel and sound compared to the normal modern National woodbody line.

I basically had to do nothing to it save give it a restring and mild setup, but I did add one of my "keeper shim" blocks internally right where the dowel meets the neck joint. This helps keep the neck more firmly locked in place when traveling with it and is entirely removable. It's just a wedge-shaped piece of pine.

It's currently setup as a fingerpicker/flatpicker so action is low and easy. I can always adjust the height up if you're a slide player interested in this guitar.

Repairs included: a quick restring and setup.

Body: mahogany

Cone type: single cone

Bridge: biscuit (maple)

Fretboard: ebony

Neck wood: mahogany

Action height at 12th fret:
3/32” bass 1/16” treble (fast, spot-on)
String gauges: 54w-12 lights

Neck shape: medium-bigger soft V

Board radius: 14"

Truss rod: adjustable

Neck relief: straight

Fret style: medium-wider

Scale length: 25 3/4"

Nut width: 1 3/4"

Body width: 14 1/2"

Body depth: 4"

Weight: 5 lbs 13 oz

Condition notes: it's as-new and very, very clean.

It comes with: its original hard case.