For Sale by Owner: 1983 Oberheim DMX Drum Machine

My buddy Don out in New Mexico is selling this minty-clean Oberheim DMX drum machine from '83. He bought it in '87 from "The Oak Ridge Boys" and used it now and then for recording until around 2000 when it was stowed long-term.

This is a serious piece of vintage kit for a studio and if you know what it is, you know what it is.

It comes with 6 different voice cards and the original manual. It's working just fine.

He's asking $2900 and you can get in touch with him via phone/text at: one, five-seven-five, seven-five-one, one-eight-eight-seven or by email at: donmichael ~at~

If you'd like me to facilitate the funds/purchase, I also have this listed on my site. He's not interested in trades as far as I know.


Wastella said…
The Oak Ridge Boys' Oberheim?! Neato!