1880s Unmarked (Likely Czech) 3/4 Carved/Flatback Double Bass

This old bass turned-out to be an absolute gem when it was done -- with a big, warm, bow-friendly, pluck-friendly, saucy tone. The soundboard is built with odd, sharp "carved" ridges while the back is a bent-top flatback design. It's likely a Czech-made instrument from the latter half of the 1800s, considering that it originally had period geared (but with giant violin pegs installed in them) machines at the headstock when built. It looks like this was overhauled first in the '40s or '50s, judging by the screws and plates at the side of the heel and the current tuners on the instrument.

When it came in here for work, it was an absolute mess -- lots of cracks that were "repaired" but needed more repairs, lots of new cracks needing repairs, tons of separations, and a piece missing out of the top on the lower-bout treble side.

My guy Andy worked on this the most and I helped him figure-out troublesome stuff where necessary. It was a huge learning experience for him but pretty fun, too, in the end. He did some pretty impressive work getting this poor old thing back together, I'll tell you!

The owner was overjoyed in the end, as well, and while he's a new bassist, he's loving it. He has some other bass-fella friends who have been trying to wheedle it off of him with lucrative trades and wads of cash, but he's not relenting, thank the gods. All of us here at the shop knew how special it was when it was done and we're thankful that he does, too!