1930s Allied Arts "Goldie" Rubber-Bridge Electrified Parlor Guitar

This is another Benny Collection instrument and this one is for his own use.

The guitar itself really looks like a Regal-made instrument if you judge by the heel shape and look of the headstock. If you judge by the scale and fretboard style and the tailpiece and pickguard style, though, it turns-out that it's likely an Oscar Schmidt built from right before the company went belly-up. It has a "First National Institute of Allied Arts" decal on the headstock just for further confusion.

This one got a gold DeArmond DynaSonic pickup in the soundhole (with a custom mount), K&K pickup under the bridge area of the top, and some cool knobs -- two off an old Premier guitar and one off an old radio.

Aside from conversion work, it got the usual fret level/dress, side dots, and other minor repairs that get done for all these instruments.