1933 Kalamazoo (Gibson) KTG-11 Senior 00-Size Tenor Guitar

This is one of the best-sounding KTG-11s I've heard and I've worked on a good number of them -- see here, see here, see here, see here, see here. I'm sure I've setup and adjusted and fixed others, but those are the ones that pop-up on the blog. This guy has all the woody, warm, loud, open-sounding tone that you'd want from one of these.

It's also a weirdo because I've never handled the "Senior" version of the model. That just means it has back binding in addition to the front but it's neat to see it on a tenor version rather than a 6-string.

It's obviously been played a whole heck of a lot, too, which is perhaps why it sounds as good as it does aside from the facts of nice old wood and general aging.

Work was the usual -- it needed a neck reset, heel repair (we reinforced it with a glue+bolt under the fingerboard), fret level/dress, minor crack cleats, a new saddle, and setup work. It already had replacement tuners on it (these originally had horrid friction pegs) so we left those as-is.

Ancel did most of the work on this but I did help him repair the hairline crack in the heel.