1950s Harmony Archtop Rubber-Bridge Mini-Bass Conversion

This fella is a typical '50s Harmony H1215T archtop tenor guitar but, as it's part of the Benny Collection, we've converted it into another rubber-bridge "mini-bass" complete with a '60s DeArmond bass pickup that's surface-mounted and a K&K acoustic pickup under the hood.

Benny provided some cool-as-heck knobs for it and the original bridge was compromised so I recut an old rosewood mandolin bridge to serve as a platform for the rubber-bridge topper.

It sounds, looks, and plays like a gem. While the flattop versions of these have more "boom-boom" acoustically and through the K&K, this one sounds like a dream through the magnetic pickup and the format is more fun for this application, too.


Brad Smith said…
Rubber-bridgemania at the Guitar Doctor's lab!