1950s Harmony "Canoe Scene" Plastic-Fretboard Ukulele

I've lost count with how many of these plastic-fretboard Harmony ukes I've fixed-up for local folk. I've had this same model in blue, green, and red before but this is the first one I've had through here in this neat cherry sunburst with red dots on the board.

They're pretty easy to make work well provided you don't have messed-up seams or a loose bridge. If you take the fretboard off, you can "wedge" the neck angle back with shims at the top of the joint, reattach the board, and set them up. Easy-peasy!

Soundwise, they're on the spectrum of dull and plunky, but they do sound nice for chord-strumming away your lazy summer day. And... canoe!

This one was just in for customer repair.