1960s Harmony Rubber-Bridge Mini-Bass Conversion No 3

This is a Benny Collection instrument -- he's been having us do a bunch of rubber-bridger things for friends of his and his studio life.

This one is an H1201T tenor guitar (22 3/4" scale) that we've converted to a mini-bass in the same manner as the last one we did for him -- with a Duncan "Cool Rails" in the neck position and a K&K acoustic pickup installed under the bridge.

What this yields is a Beatle Bass (Hofner-style) sound that's a little more attack-y and upright-y on the front end. It's not just fat but it also has plonk and an almost marimba-like thing going on. It's bouncy and fun and having the K&K and the magnetic pickup separate means you can blend your signal any which way you like it.