1960s Yamaha FG-180 "Red Label" Jumbo Guitar

Yup, here's another classic Yamaha! These "Red Label" Japanese-made versions are what's hot on the old Yammie market and for good reason -- they have a '60s Martin-like neck profile, medium scale, and great tone despite being all-ply, nearly indestructible, take-anywhere beasties. There's an old FG-160 hanging around that I'm half-tempted to press into service as my own daily acoustic...

This one's been owned by a local its entire life and was in here for a refresher -- a neck reset, fret level/dress, and bridge pinhole fill/redrill job to alleviate tension on a thin hairline crack along the pins in the bridge. It worked, yip!

This one gets bonus points for replacement Grover tuners and a couple spots of "patched up" damage via bondo. I love it.

Yamaha calls these jumbos... I call them "jumbo dreadnoughts" because they're bigger across the lower bout than a D-18 but have a tighter waist.