1966 Gibson J-50 Slope Dreadnought Guitar

This J-50 was snagged really quickly by a local customer of mine and it's currently a "pending sale." It's in good health overall and someone must have taken the pickguard off early in its life because the finish is completely original throughout, weather-checked and all, and there's no pickguard shadow and copious amounts of loving play in evidence around the soundhole and fretboard.

My guy Ancel gave it a fret level/dress, fit replacement tuners (it had weird ones on it), and I showed him how to make a properly-intonated replacement rosewood saddle for it. This had one of those awful ceramic ones on it when it came in -- they're both heavy and shrill and won't intonate for beans.

After he was done with it he remarked something to the effect of, "why don't all acoustics have an adjustable saddle?" This topic is hotly debated on forums but I'm with him. I think it's a great feature of these '60s Gibs when they've been adjusted properly. It makes on-the-fly adjustments easy-peasy and it's actually a big part of the woody, friendly sound of Gibsons from this era, I think.


Green Health said…
The 1966 Gibson J-50 Slope Dreadnought Guitar is a timeless classic that showcases Gibson's craftsmanship and rich, resonant tone. With its iconic design and vintage appeal, this guitar is sure to captivate musicians and collectors alike. A true gem from the past!
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Green Health said…
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Michael Mulkern said…
Green Health? Cookies Cannabis? What is it about this guitar that's so irresistible to the stoners?