2020 Guild Starfire I Semihollow Electric Guitar

From my point of view, centered in vintage guitar world, it's completely shocking to me at how good a guitar one can get these days for low relative dollar amounts. After a quick setup, these Starfire Is play just as well as their original counterparts and are built tough as well. They are, however, a pretty different guitar. The original Starfire Is of this style would have been fully-hollow and fitted with an individual single-coil neck pickup. That would make them roughly in the same vein as a Gibson ES-125T or simply Gretsch model.

This version is basically an ES-335 vibe in a more rockabilly-looking package. It's got two humbuckers, semihollow construction with a stop tailpiece, and a darker and woodier tone. This has a lot of snap and grunt in the mids with a little "burr" to the top-end which gives it some character compared to the millions of 335-a-like guitars out there on the market. Frankly, I can't help but like it.

Repairs included: a setup and cleaning.

Body wood: ply maple

Bridge: ABR-style adjustable

Fretboard: rosewood

Neck wood: mahogany

Pickups: 2x Guild humbuckers

Action height at 12th fret: 1/16” overall (fast, spot-on)
String gauges: 46w-10, but they're a little old

Neck shape: slim C

Board radius: 10"

Truss rod: adjustable

Neck relief: straight

Fret style: medium-modern

Scale length: 24 3/4"

Nut width: 1 11/16"

Body width: 16 1/2"

Body depth: 2" + arching

Weight: 6 lbs 10 oz

Condition notes: it's pretty clean and all original but it was definitely gigged for a bit. I cleaned-off a bunch of "general use grime" and there's pickwear evidence on the pickguard and maybe a little very light scratching here and there on the body. Overall, though, it looks at most a little "shopworn."

It comes with: a nice original hard case.