1920s/2023 Strand (Gretsch-made) Electrified Tenor Banjo

My guy Ancel whipped this up for his friend Oak. Oak had been a little moon-eyed over a Gibson electric tenor guitar (tuned GDAE) that was in the shop recently and I might have let it slip that I'd made electric tenor banjos (and others) in the past (see here and here) that might be a good project idea for someone looking for plenty of fret access and a Gibson tone but on a budget

So -- Oak found this fun old 1920s Gretsch-made "Strand" resonator banjo and Ancel did the conversion to it. I supplied Ancel with the parts and the pointers and run-aground solutions, but the masonite top/back, added binding at the top edge of the rim, general style, and deco-like painted "weave" pattern was all him.

I think it turned-out beautifully and it plays quick and easy and sounds enormously-good. It's got a pair of Korean-made Alnico 5 P90s under custom covers, an ABR-style bridge, some lame (but parts-bin free and functional) vintage Grover tuners fit to the headstock, and a simple wiring scheme.

All it's missing are strap buttons, heh heh -- which I assume Oak will point out when it gets picked-up, much to my amusement.