1960s Harmony H165 000-Size Guitar

This is a local customer's H165 and while it was supposed to have been all dolled-up when the current owner bought it, it turned-out to have only been "half-dolled." It had a neck reset done but the angle was a hair shallow and the fretboard extension wedged-up so much that it fretted-out from the 12th-on-up when action was set properly. It also had a full refret but the frets hadn't been leveled and dressed after they were put in and the saddle that was in it had nothing like a correct radius on it.

Suffice to say, Mr. Ancel got busy and we tag-teamed re-resetting the neck and then he finished-up with a level/dress of the frets and a fresh bone saddle. The pickguard also got a "restick" by way of a bunch of double-sided sticky-film adhesive stuff left-over from K&K pickup installs.

Post-work, it plays spot-on and has the good, woody, delicious sound you'd expect from one of these. I really think it's quite remarkable just how good this particular model sounds after they're spruced-up.