1960s Supro Martinique Deluxe Semihollow Electric Guitar

The National/Valco-made Supro Martinique and Dual Tone models blurred lines a bit in the '60s when both were Res-O-Glas instruments with two magnetic pickups. The Martinique one-ups the configuration with fancier trim and an in-bridge acoustic pickup, too. The control layout is a bit of a mess but once you get the hang of it, it's helpful to dial-in various voices.

This thing can go all over the place -- from a silky crooner of a retro jazzbox or bluesy haunter in the neck, to radial-airplane-engine roar and bark in the bridge, to strum-town cowboy chorder in the acoustic setting.

Work was not extensive on this guitar (done-up for a customer) and included a fret level/dress, fresh strings, light cleaning, and dialing-in of the setup. This one dates from the early '60s but has no serialiation on the back of the headstock, unfortunately.


will said…
A beauty. What's with the other strap button? Did someone play this lefty at some point?