1961 Guild F-20 0-Size Guitar

This is a customer's Guild that was just in for minor repair work -- a fret level/dress, setup, and hairline crack repair. The saddle got a little extra compensation as well. It's had a replacement bridge fit at some point (so many '50s and '60s Guilds need replacements -- the originals often split) but appears to be otherwise original.

As you'd expect, it sounds glorious. F-20s are popular guitars at the moment as Martin and Gibson small-body prices soar and soar. The word is out that these basically sound like 0-18s but with maybe a bit more mids and handle like mid-'60s Gibsons... quick and easy!

Per the usual, it's solid spruce (x-braced) over solid mahogany back, sides, and neck and has a Brazilian rosewood fretboard. The nut is around 1 5/8" and these have a curvy, ~10" board radius for the most part.