1962 Harmony H53 Rocket Hollowbody Electric Guitar

A local customer brought this cool old Harmony Rocket in for reworking a bit ago. It wound-up getting its frets leveled and dressed, some wiring work done, and bridge compensation added. It's original throughout save the tuners (recent Ping-brand Kluson-a-likes but with an odd mix of half-painted, half-normal buttons), the jack (new), and perhaps the nut. It's also missing its pickguard and mounting bracket.

As you might expect, it sounds brash and aggressive and snarly like most Rockets when given just the tiniest bit of drive, but if you keep the gain on your amp in the lower regions, it will do retro cleans tidily as well.

This other Rocket's video demo (click here) will give a good impression of the vibe when played in the neck position.