2020s Enya Nova U Polycarbonate Ukulele

I took this cute little uke in trade for basically it's new value so I could have it here in the shop the next time someone in the area needs a practical travel or learner ukulele. These come as a complete kit from Amazon or the like for around ~$80 or so have a case, capo, extra strings, strap, and tuner with them. I don't get how that money stacks-up as the value is pretty ridiculous, but there you have it...!

It's got a comfy neck and body feel but the initial setup on it was truly terrible. After setting it up it plays dandy, though, with the exception of the factory strings which sound fine but aren't balanced tension-wise. The G&A strings are more tense than the C&E but considering that a string swap would cost more than 10% of the instrument's value and I will probably sell it at a loss anyway, I left them as-is.

Repairs included: a quick setup.

Weight: 1 lb 6 oz

Scale length: 15 3/4"

Nut width: 1 3/8"

Neck shape: medium C

Board radius: flat

Body width: 8 1/8"

Body depth: 2 1/4"

Body material: polycarbonate

Bracing type: integral

Bridge: integral

Fretboard: integral

Action height at 12th fret:
1/16” overall (fast, spot-on)
String gauges: fluorocarbon of some sort

Neck relief: straight

Fret style: small

Condition notes: it's basically new with only the most minor play in it.

It comes with: a gigbag, strap, tuner, capo, and spare strings.