1969 Harmony Stella (H912-Style) 12-String 000-Size Guitar

While I managed to grab photos and a video before this sold and left the shop, I didn't manage to grab specs, though these guitar models are pretty standardized. Check out this one, this one, and this one for more details on scale length, nut width, and whatnot. I've worked on so many of these, now, that they're beginning to blur in my brain.

This one, however, is in fantastic condition -- clean and all-original throughout with the exception of my new bone, full-compensated, saddle. It got a neck reset, fret level/dress, said bridge/saddle modification, cleaning, and setup work done and in the video it's strung-up with 52w-11 strings but left the shop with 54w-12 strings intended for detuning purposes.

These make great, Leadbelly-style, country-blues boxes as they have such a choppy, plunky, growly tone. They've got snap and bite, for sure. They're solid birch throughout the body with ladder bracing and many of them sport truss rods that add a little peace of mind to the big, D-shaped, flat-boarded, 2"-wide at the nut, necks. This one was rocking the 52w-11 strings (I usually string 12-strings with 10s for E-to-E tuning) without even having the truss engaged and the neck was as straight as you could want.


Jack Holdridge said…
Hi, I’m one of the moderators on Facebook for the Harmony, Kay catalog guitars and this guitar was listed for sale there. Is this your post?
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