1970s Unmarked Hammered Dulcimer

This is an unmarked '70s or early '80s build, definitely made in the US and with features that look similar to hammered dulcimers made by Dennis Dorogi out of New York state. It has separation along the front and back panels and I haven't tuned it up but it seems stable enough as it's still under tension.

There are a couple of snapped strings and it uses an old-fashioned stringing style where a single mounting post handles two vibrating lengths of string. Each note has four unison strings. How about them apples? Most of the dulcimers I see are strung in pairs around here.

I'm not sure on what woods were used. The blocking on either side appears to be birch or beech and I'm not sure at all what the soundboard itself is. The "frame" is stained a dark walnut but is probably birch or maple.

It's here "as-is" and comes with two sets of mallets (the original darker ones and later, fancier ones), a tuning wrench, a "lap-helper leg" which screws into the back of the instrument, and the original case which is a heavy-duty affair.