1977 Dobro Model 33D Metalbody Resonator Guitar

I'm a fan of '60s and '70s Dobros -- both the OMI-made ones like this and the Mosrite-made ones which handle similarly. They have good, stable, modern-feeling necks and solid, sturdy construction. This one has a serial number that points it to 1977 and it's got a nickel-plated brass body. While it has the normal Dobro-style coverplate on the outside, it actually has an oversized National-style, biscuit-bridge cone inside.

This beaut (check out all that etching/blasting in the finish) was just in for a level/dress of the frets and a setup which my guy Ancel did. I showed him how to seat and "pin" the cone and biscuit so they'd hold steady and compensate the maple saddle, too. It's playing spot-on and has a big, full, stone-in-the-pool version of a resonator tone. I like it.