2000s Peavey Powerslide Lap Steel Electric Guitar

How about this one, huh? It's certainly an oddball and bears more than a passing resemblance to the old "stand-up" Melobar steels, though with maybe a more late '70s or early '80s, rocky take on it. I mean we are talking about Peavey, right?

So, yes, this is designed to be played as a lap steel "as per normal" but will also do a good job of being a "stand-up" lap steel, played in the Dobro fashion using a 3-point strap (provided) and the interesting body shape to help make that a successful venture.

It's basically new save a little mild discoloration to the finish clearcoat at the headstock and a ding in the center of the back of the body. It's made of very lightweight basswood which, I'm supposing, dents a little easy -- but more than makes up for that by simple comfort and ease of use.

The design is "simple" in that it's a one-pickup, volume/tone wiring configuration like the vast majority of steels. It's "complicated" in that the tone control is actually a volume control for one side of the humbucking pickup's coil. With it rolled entirely "off" you're playing, essentially, a single-coil steel guitar that sounds much like a '40s or '50s lap steel -- bright and twangy and country-western. Between that and "fully engaged" you get all variations of lap steel tone until you wind-up with a completely aggressive, power-rock, pumped-up sound perfect for drive and harder blues licks.

Repairs included: restring and setup.

Weight: 5 lbs 7 oz

Scale length: 24 7/8"

Nut width: 2 1/8"

Body width: 13"

Body depth: 1 1/2"

Body wood: basswood

Bridge: stationary

Fretboard: painted

Pickups: 1x Peavey humbucker

String gauges: 50w-12, tuned open E currently (EBEG#BE low to high)

Condition notes: it's essentially new save a little discoloration to the finish and one ding on the back.

It comes with: its original gigbag and 3-point strap.