2004 Gibson Firebird V Electric Guitar

Firebirds are sexy guitars -- it's true! This one has all the good stuff of a fancier Firebird without going too far into a Firebird VII with the third pickup or high-jumping into a Bigsby or Vibrola tailpiece setup. It's also been played-in just so and it feels friendly and loved when you pick it up for a strum.

Per the usual, it has neck-through construction, twin double-blade minibucker pickups, banjo-style tuners, and outrageously-hip styling. It's hard to look at one of these and not think, "that's cool!"

This one was bought used and sent up here for a quick run-through. My guy Ancel gave it a level/dress of the frets, a restring, and a setup and I dialed-in a few finer points as well. It plays quick and easy and has a quick and easy neck, too, with oodles of fret access.