2010s Fender USA Johnny Marr Jaguar Electric Guitar

The Johnny Marr model Jaguar came out in 2012 and quickly became a fan favorite. Its wiring is unconventional compared to an original Jaguar wiring circuit and modded just-so to be a little more practical. It also has build features that give it a retro-throwback appeal -- the neck feel is straight-up early '60s in profile and the pickups sound it, too, though they're wired to a 4-way switch that gives series wiring in the "first" position.

The upper control plate has mid/low cut switches for each pickup just like the single one found next to the pickup switches on the original design's lower plate.

This one has been faithfully played a whole bunch and so it has wear and tear that makes it look a lot older than it actually is. It's a good look!

My guy Ancel did a fret level/dress and setup on it and it's playing spot-on and ready to go, strung with 11s. This was just in for a customer repair so it's not for sale (at the moment, hah hah).