2023 Gibson SJ-200 Western Classic Jumbo Guitar

This guitar is a tour-de-force for the modern Gibson Custom Shop. It's impeccably-built, looks stunning, and handled beautifully right out of the box. It's brand new and belongs to a local cowboy singer who's well-pleased with it.

It was just in for a pickup install -- he likes Fishman undersaddles so I popped-in an Infinity Matrix for him. I took the chance to strum it for a few minutes, too, and shoot some pics. It's hard not to want to share this fella -- I mean, pick out any detail you like! The bound pickguard, the double-binding/purfling, the big block inlay in the board and headstock the details, the rosewood in the back and sides... it's slick!

So, yes, a grand slam for you, Gibson -- still, it should be considering its $7500 brand-new price tag!


Rob Gardner said…
Wow, beautiful guitar. That is some high-riding cowboy...