2023 Squier Jazzmaster Baritone Fretless Electric Guitar Conversion

First video: guitar with a standard Mustang-style bridge

Second video: guitar with rubber-saddle material

Fretless guitars are getting more and more popular in the recording-land community and baritone fretless guitars are something I get asked about now and then as well. This one has combined both of those with the rubber bridge fad (in a second, swap-in-able bridge) and the result is both great-sounding and very pleasing.

My guy Ancel did another knockout fretless conversion job on the neck and I did the rest of the work -- adjusting the setup, doing a light speed-necking to remove a sticky finish on the rear of the neck, and fitting the bridges to suit the guitar. In the photos it's wearing its rubber bridge setup but it's shipping to its owner with the original Mustang bridge installed. I like both bridges for completely different reasons and I think the owner will enjoy the various sounds one can get by swapping back and forth.

Aside from the mods, this is a stock Squier '60s Mod Jazzmaster from this year.


John Whittemore said…
Where do I get one!?!?