2000s Engelhardt EC1 3/4 Double Bass

My local friend Joe has owned this bass as long as I've known him so it probably goes back to the early 2000s as it predates our landing in Rochester -- or I'm nuts! Either way, it's probably about 15 years old. The last time I saw it I set it up for him on the quick and since then Joe painted rockabilly-style details and stuck giant stickers on it. There are some neat "ghost stickers" here and there on the body for the complete effect, if ya know what I mean.

He brought it in recently to sell and our bowed repairman Andy went through it, cleaning-up and better-fitting a poorly-fit bridge and adjusting to any other setup needs. It plays spot-on despite its clunky, steel-core strings, and has a loud, boomy, old-Kay-like voice. I would absolutely love to hear what this could do with a set of Supernils on it, though, or at least something more gut-like, as I'll bet it would give those "classic '50s bass" vibes right-off with strings of that sort.

It has a K&K pickup installed which can be EQed to your heart's desire. Its positioning means it's especially effective for picking-up high-end sounds a lot of double bass pickups don't. That reads as -- fingerboard and body percussiveness and string slap! ...hence the rockabilly style, no?

The funny thing is the setup has not changed since the last time I saw it so it's quite stable in service as that was probably a good decade ago.