1950s Boosey & Hawkes LaFleur Tenor/Alto Eb Horn

Yet another random walk-in purchase, this is a Boosey & Hawkes (British) tenor (or alto -- they're the same thing) horn from probably the 1950s. It's overall in good order though it does have a slight ding/bump to the bell and a couple dings here and there aside from that -- all stuff that does not hurt the functioning of the instrument.

The valves were pretty slow when I first took it out so I cleaned them all up and lubed them and now they're working as they should. I can make some truly terrible music on it and it reminds me of the sweet tone of a euphonium.

The little sheet music holder receptacle has bits of threads broken-off in it so that would have to be sorted if one wanted to use a holder with it. The three pearl buttons are replacements from my parts-bins (trumpet-sized) as this only had two of the originals with it (those are safely stowed in the case with the cleaning rag) and I figured a full set might be nice.

It has its (presumably) original mouthpiece and while the case makes it seem like an older instrument, I do think it's probably a postwar horn.