1960s H.N. White King Cleveland Alto Saxophone

While I almost entirely deal with fretted instruments, I sometimes pick-up stuff offered to me in-shop and can't help but snag pretty brass and woodwind finds when they happen-through. This one appeared on my doorstep randomly as I was trying to head-out on a family outing in the middle of Sunday.

Per its serialization, this sax was made around 1962-63 or so. It's completely original, comes with a case full of goodies, and my guy Ancel, who plays a bit of tenor sax, says it plays just fine but could use regular service -- there's a little cork needed here and there and it hasn't had work done on it since it was last put away, more than likely, decades ago.

In evidence, he played it for a bit and -- well, I thought it had a pretty good tone! He's a tenor player, however, so it wasn't up his creek.

Compared to most of this model bouncing around the net, the condition on this is good -- the plating and "gold finish" are in excellent shape, it only has a few little dings here and there, and the wear is minimal. It has a mouthpiece, spare old reeds, a vintage strap, and sheet music holder also with the case.