1960s Yamaha FG-180 Red Label Jumbo Guitar

This is a customer's classic old Red Label (Japanese-made) FG-180. Everyone wants these, these days, and they're terrific guitars as they've got an outsized sound and are practically bullet-proof as far as functionality and toughness for everyday use are concerned.

The owner has had this his entire playing life and he's put all the miles into it. We did a neck reset, leveled/dressed the frets, and fit a new bone saddle -- the usual work these need after a few decades under their belt. And, hey presto! It emerged like it was new again. We win.

As per the usual, this is ply-spruce in the top and ply-mahogany in the back and sides. The neck is mahogany and the board and bridge are rosewood. It has a Martin-ish medium-V neck profile. Think '60s Martins.

It's also all-original save a missing pickguard.