1964 Gibson B-25-12 12-String 00-Size Guitar

Gibson B-25-12 models are some of my favorite old 12-strings. They've got the nicer build and feel but still have the clunky, woody, Leadbelly-style, old-blues-hand sound. My favorites have the narrow bridge and tailpiece from the factory (as they're a lot more stable than the pin-bridge variants) but this one started as a pin-bridge model and its owner "found the light" back in the day and installed a tailpiece to make it work like the other variety. A win...!

Anyhow, this had some old repairs done to it but our work was a glorified setup -- Ancel leveled and dressed the frets which addressed the usual Gibson fretboard "S-curve" as it nears the joint and I fully-compensated the original saddle and set it up.