1890s Unmarked German 4/4 Violin

This is a local customer's instrument that Andy put a lot of work into. As I recall, it received a neck reset, fingerboard plane, some replacement trim, new fittings, a new bridge, soundpost work, seam work -- all the usual stuff.

Still, it's turned into a quite-good violin and it has a pretty, old-time-friendly, carrying voice. I especially love the way the rosin deposit on the top has darkened just that area of the top. It's unmarked but very likely German-made from around 1890 or so judging by its features, original case, and construction.

It was a nicer-grade instrument when made as can be told by the fancier maple used on the back and sides, extra attention to the top carving, the ebony fingerboard, and the very tight grain of the top. All of its "corners" are well-cut, too, and the purfling job executed cleanly.